I had the privilege of working with Sandy Boals for several years as a volunteer parishioner when she was Administrative Assistant for Sacred Heart Catholic Parish in Elk Rapids, Michigan.

She is efficient, knowledgeable and works with complete dedication on any task placed before her. She was always very helpful in explaining what she expected of her helpers and spent many hours of her own time being my computer “Guru.” I feel confident she will do an exemplary job on any task she takes on.

Jeanne Boyd.

Friend and fellow parishioner



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To whom it may concern:


As the pastor of Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church for the past twenty years, I have known Sandy Boals  both personally and professionally. Sandy has worked at this parish in a number of positions and has always provided an outstanding work product.  As Administrative Assistant and Bookkeeper she was most helpful to the parish and to me personally and was one of the best employees that I have worked with in my forty-five years as a priest.  Sandy has always completed all expected duties in a timely and professional manner.  She was creative and had exceptional skills in producing the parish bulletin and newsletters and whatever else she was asked to do.

It is my pleasure to most highly recommend Sandy Boals as a reliable, trustworthy and efficient person of the greatest integrity in all that she undertakes.

Rev. Robert J. Zuchowski




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March 28, 2017

To Whom It May Concern,

Several years ago Sandy Boals assisted the Beautification Commission of the Village of Elk Rapids with the annual printing of our “Garden Walk” brochures.  We were very satisfied with the quality of the work and its completion within our timeframe.


The Elk Rapids Area Historical Society had Sandy print monthly program flyers which we distributed to members and friends.  She was very accommodating and we are pleased to give this letter of recommendation.


Margaret LeBlond                                                                      Dan LeBlond

Beautification Commission Chairman                               Elk Rapids Area Historical Society President



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March 29, 2017

To Whom It May Concern:

I have worked with Sandy Boals for over 20 years at Sacred Heart Parish in Elk Rapids, Michigan. She was the parish secretary for a period of time, the Director of Religious Education for a while and a catechist for students. She now leads a weekly scripture study group and participates in other ministries at the parish. In all of those capacities, Sandy always organizes and prioritizes her time and duties. She pays attention to detail, is timely with notices, and keeps the best interest of the parish and the people in the forefront of her activities.

Sandy has always multi-tasked and has worked to keep all of her activities on point and on schedule. If Sandy says she will get something done, she will. You will be fortunate to work with her and you will be glad that you do.


Brett Baldwin

RCIA Director and Director of Religious Education